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March, 2024

Image for the article named Hospitality Reimagined: CX, AI & the Digital Evolution

Hospitality Reimagined: CX, AI & the Digital Evolution

This comprehensive training course is designed to empower hospitality professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intersection of Customer Experience (CX) and Digitalisation. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the pivotal role digital technologies play in shaping modern guest interactions and learn how to leverage these tools to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

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June, 2022

Image for the article named Managing Hospitality in Romania

Managing Hospitality in Romania

8 June

In these turbulent times, political, economic and social, companies must be drivers in change within their competitive business environment.  On the assumption that it is better to lead than follow, strategy can be viewed as the ability of leaders to see their future ahead of others to create products and services, which will take advantage of this foresight.  With these products and services identified, the strategist must also insist upon the proper allocation of resources to them as they are elements of a firm's competitive arsenal.

The other indispensable element in this equation for success is the ability to add value for all the stakeholders of the firm: for the investors, a return which satisfies their needs for growth in wealth over time and compensation for the risk associated with the investment; for the customers, a recognition that in a knowledge-based global economy where instant access to information have made products and services transparent, it is they who now control the purchase decision; and finally, for the employees, who seek value in the work done and the way they are compensated.

Through a series of lecture-discussions, group work and daily individual assignments, participants will apply the above concepts to their properties.  The Module culminates in a final-day presentation of strategy plans of each participant's individual hotel or chain.


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September, 2023

Image for the article named Revenue Management

Revenue Management

September, 2023 - CLUJ-NAPOCA

Revenue Management (RM) is about a different way of managing business based on a very old idea. Every seller in human history has faced RM-type decisions. What price to ask? Which offers to accept? When to offer a lower price? And when to simply “pack up one’s tent” as it were and try selling at a later point in time, or in a different market?

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October, 2023

Image for the article named Increasing your profitability by controlling your costs

Increasing your profitability by controlling your costs

10-11 October, 2023 - BRAȘOV

Ask yourself what is the basic formula of profit.The answer is simple; Revenue minus costs = Profit.

There is no other magic formula in whatever business you could be.

Meaning to increase profit, you can either play on revenue or play on costs.

Play directly on costs or if you prefer cut directly costs is much easier and faster.

However, at long run is it beneficial?

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