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The Service System Vision

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Foundation of Customer Experience – An open vision of the service system. By the end of this training, you will have a better grasp of CX fundamentals, CX processes, the key concepts of Customer Experience while gaining knowledge on how to commence a CX improvement journey within your business.

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Who is the course for?
Middle to Senior Management

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Benefits & Tools

  • Service industries have assumed a leadership role, becoming an example for increasing productivity, applying similar practices, and offering lessons to managers in any business sector.
  • The open vision of the service system includes getting to know all the steps taken to 1) identify the target market segments and customer’s needs, 2) develop a service concept to fit these needs as well as to set a strategy to support the service concept during the operating phase and 3) create a service delivery concept to integrate in the operating phase
  • In-depth understanding of the way the service sector works and of the characteristics of this system will help you develop and implement excellent CX, service industries being the trendsetter in this field.
  • This course will give you access to techniques, tools, and methodologies applied in the service sector that are easily adaptable and should be used in all other sectors that target performance in CX.

Acquired Knowledge & Skills

  • The nature of the services sector and the characteristics of service projects that are applicable in CX
  • The strategic service vision – a customer-centric approach
  • Stages of service development – a step by step approach to redesigning CX in any other sector
  • The service business model
  • Service process design having in mind the customers and their interactions with the service
  • Strategic location consideration, facility Design as part of an excellent customer journey
  • Service Blueprint & Service mapping & flowcharts                                                         
  • Managing capacity and demand                         
  • Managing queues & inventory & waiting line analogy

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  Cristina Neacșu  
  Programme advisor  

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