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Managing Hospitality in Romania

Date: 8 June

In these turbulent times, political, economic and social, companies must be drivers in change within their competitive business environment.  On the assumption that it is better to lead than follow, strategy can be viewed as the ability of leaders to see their future ahead of others to create products and services, which will take advantage of this foresight.  With these products and services identified, the strategist must also insist upon the proper allocation of resources to them as they are elements of a firm's competitive arsenal.

The other indispensable element in this equation for success is the ability to add value for all the stakeholders of the firm: for the investors, a return which satisfies their needs for growth in wealth over time and compensation for the risk associated with the investment; for the customers, a recognition that in a knowledge-based global economy where instant access to information have made products and services transparent, it is they who now control the purchase decision; and finally, for the employees, who seek value in the work done and the way they are compensated.

Through a series of lecture-discussions, group work and daily individual assignments, participants will apply the above concepts to their properties.  The Module culminates in a final-day presentation of strategy plans of each participant's individual hotel or chain.


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Who is the course for?
Top- and middle- hotel managers

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Benefits & Tools

  • Improve the quality of life in your hotel! This Module represents a new, exciting approach, which gives consideration to the special and actual technical needs of hotels.  It will help executives find performing solutions to make the right technical investment decision for new hotels or refurbishments.

  • Participants will obtain in-depth information and get a future-oriented understanding of the importance and benefits offered by the strategic approach in technical hotel management.

Acquired Knowledge & Skills

  • Identify differentiating factors in hotel property management systems. 
  • Avoid systematic mistakes occurring during the technical investment process for either hotel refurbishment or new construction. 
  • Select equipment and apply procedures that make hotels safe, healthy and intelligent.
  • Converse easily with both investors and hotel chief engineers. 
  • Master the essential building and room management system parameters.
  • Analyze and manage hotel systems that allow for effective operation and optimal return on investment.
  • Weigh value-adding competitive methods against the core competencies of a hotel, and the opportunities and threats facing it. 
  • Develop strategic perspectives in the functional areas of management.
  • Present a value-adding strategy plan for a hotel or chain.

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  Cristina Neacșu  
  Programme advisor  

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