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Creating Value In Hospitality. Defining Business Strategies

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Today’s highly competitive environments demand that managers think ahead and develop plans to manage evolving challenges. This process of thinking ahead and developing responses to the future environment is the essence of strategic behavior. All businesses develop plans to manage the future but the plans are often informal, unstructured, or sporadic in their application. In this module, participants will understand the importance of developing appropriate strategic plans to ensure the organization’s competitiveness and success. 

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Who is the course for?
Owners, managers and operators of hospitality organizations will bes benefit from this module.

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Benefits & Tools

  • The module aims at providing managers the ability to be proactive and anticipate, influence, or initiate actions to help them be competitive and successful rather than be reactive and responsive to events outside their control. 
  • While not all events are controllable, developing appropriate strategies will certainly help to respond positively. 
  • This module will provide participants the tools required to anticipate key trends and events in their business environments, and develop appropriate responses to these probabilistic future events. 
  • Participants will leave the module with an ability to develop a road map for their organizations and enhance its chances of success in competitive business environments.

Acquired Knowledge & Skills

  • Connect strategy theory to pragmatic strategic solutions
  • Understand how appropriate strategy helps manage competitive pressures
  • Identify key trends of importance to their business and develop strategic plans to manage them
  • Develop trend analyses
  • Recognize and learn how to use the different strategy frameworks
  • Develop strategic plans relevant to the different strategic pressures
  • Recognize and implement change management
  • Recognize the need to balance quality and quantity in management actions
  • Develop a future and strategy-oriented outlook
  • Accept that all management actions have strategic implications

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  Cristina Neacșu  
  Programme advisor  

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