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Innovation Strategy and Creativity


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A dynamic course that stands at the intersection of innovation, global challenges, academic & scientific empowerment and the communities of tomorrow.


Delivered in partnership with the
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An intense learning experience that combines practical application and academic excellence.

Specifically designed for professionals!

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Earn recognition by attending a course designed in colab with a  Top Ranking University!

The Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne has a leading position among business and management institutions worldwide and is universally present at the top of the most well-recognised rankings in the fields of teaching and research.


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1st place worldwide*

Executive MBA
in Healthcare Management

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1st place Western Europe*

Executive MBA
in Management and Corporate Finance

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In the TOP 10%

Academic Ranking
of World Universities**

*Eduniversal Rankings             **Shanghai Ranking

Benefit From a Liaison With The Best Business Researchers and Professors in the World.

The Innovation Expert

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Yves Karcher

former VP of Engineering at Logitech,
lecturer at EPFL, HEC and IMD Lausanne, CEO InnoExec

The Creative Savant

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Prof. Ray F. Iunius

Executive Director
of Winsedswiss Education Group

The Strategic Thinker 

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Prof. Univ. Dr Jean-Philippe Bonardi

(E4S co-managing director and former dean of HEC Lausanne)

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Customers Want It All

Do you know how to provide that?


In 2022, the consumer behavior global reports all agree.
In the near future, customers have great expectations from their retailers and brands

- Hybrid Experiences

- Sustainability

- Purpose-driven Brand

- Positive Emotions

To achieve this, you must start thinking strategically about how to incorporate CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (and beyond) in your MARKETING TOOLS.

Where do you begin?


1st step
LISTEN to your customers’ preferences

2nd step
UNDERSTAND your customers’ unconscious needs

3rd step
ORGANIZE & STRATEGIZE on your findings

4th step
INNOVATE & CREATE value propositions & new products or services adapted to the market

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Learn how to creatively convert consumers to satisfied consumers through innovative methods

Our programme alternates the study of succesful and unsuccesful innovation situations with the presentation of proven models that you can adapt and incorporate into your business.


The “Strategy Triangle”(developed at HEC Lausanne)

which allows to identify and coordinate the key aspects of an innovative strategy


The "Value Proposition Canvas"(developed at HEC Lausanne)

which allows to explore customers' expectations (even unconscious),  to generate and test relevant product or service ideas.


The "Where to Play Model"(developed at EPFL)

which is an ally in managerial discussions to select and act on the best ideas.


The "Business Model Canvas"(developed at HEC Lausanne)

which allows you to create a businessmodel from the new product or service you have chosen.


The “Star Model”(developed at IMD Lausanne)

which allows to design an organization able to execute the chosen strategy

To facilitate their assimilation, these models will be applied to the structure of your organization or business.

You will then test the new strategies in group workshops!

Who should enroll?


 Middle and top managers, who aim to increase their external AND internal client's satisfaction

 Business Owners

 Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

 Innovation managers

 Product or service managers

 Research & development managers

 Creative directors

Learning Objectives


 Identify customers, their deepest needs, pains and associated expectations and generate relevant value pro.

 Evaluate and select the best opportunities to explore and define growth or retreat scenarios.

 Build and refine a coherent and effective business model around the selected ideas and validate it.

 Articulate a coherent strategy for your organization, based on this new business model.

Admission Requirements


Admission is a selective process based on your professional achievement and organizational responsibilities


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Key Course Takeways


  • How to create sustainable service competitive advantage through innovations

  • How to apply creatives service models that enable clients, employees, and investors to attends their objectives

  • How to manage innovation to serve the service encounter to achieve internal and external customer satisfaction

  • How to create optimal strategy to reinforce the company positioning in the market

  • How to adapt to evolving customer needs and changing competitive landscapes

  • How to facilitate creativity and innovation in the service organizations

  • How to execute innovation strategies

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For whom are we inventing? His Majesty, the Client
Mastering the Process
Mapping & Flowchart
Creating a Service Blueprint
What is in fact Innovation and Creativity?



Thinking day: The Perception
Innovating the Experience
Customer Experience
Customer Experience Journey
Measuring the results of innovation
Net Promoter Index
Reinventing the Affective Business
Project presentation


Internally generated innovation and its limitations (Case of the Logitech IO Pen)
Researching customer insights (Concrete Case, Design Thinking and VPC)
How to select and navigate the best ideas (Where to Play Model)



Customer insights in a B2B context (Case of BMC)
Innovate beyond the product
Execute on selected ideas
Synthesis (Star Model) 



Building an innovative strategy
The key role of the firm’s vision and purpose (Case of TESLA & other companies)
Analysing the market landscape to identify the potential of an innovation
From market to value proposition (Pharmaceutical industry, Computer industry, Ryanair in the airline industry)

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“To prepare for the post-COVID-19 era, leaders need to do more than fine-tune their day-to-day tasks; they need to be ready and willing to rethink how they operate, and even why they exist. To put it another way, leaders need to step back, take a breath, and consider a broader perspective.”


McKinsey, 2021

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  Roxana Manolescu  
  Programme advisor  

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